About HACH

Welcome to the synergy of expertise and innovation embodied in the partnership between HACH and Aaxis Nano. As collaborators in the realm of water quality and environmental monitoring, our alliance seeks to redefine standards and empower industries with cutting-edge solutions.

HACH, a global leader in water analysis, brings decades of experience and unwavering commitment to precision. Renowned for state-of-the-art instruments and solutions, HACH ensures the reliability and accuracy of water data for diverse applications.

Aaxis Nano, fueled by a passion for simplifying data collection, complements HACH’s legacy with forward-thinking technology. The Aqua Troll 700, a customizable multiparameter sonde, epitomizes our shared dedication to delivering user-friendly, cost-effective, and robust solutions.

Together, HACH and Aaxis Nano strive to address challenges in water monitoring, offering a comprehensive portfolio that caters to groundwater, surface water, aquaculture, and stormwater management. Our collaboration aims to not only meet but exceed customer expectations by providing seamless integration, simplified calibration, and exceptional customer support.

Explore the combined strengths of HACH and Aaxis Nano as we embark on a journey to elevate water quality monitoring. Join us in shaping a sustainable and technologically advanced future where accuracy, reliability, and innovation converge to safeguard our most precious resource—water.

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