2110 Ultrasonic Flow Module

The 2110 Ultrasonic Module utilises an ultrasonic sensor mounted above the flow stream and built in software, to provide accurate non-contact flow and level measurement in weirs, flumes and streams. The elapsed time between transmission of sound waves from the sensor and receiving the reflected signal determines the level of the liquid. Built in conversions for the specified primary device or natural stream boundaries are then used to calculate flow rate.

The 2110 can be used in conjunction with Isco’s Flowlink software to produce advanced graphing and reports from the data, and it can also be used for redundant level measurement to complement Isco’s 2150 Area Velocity Flow Module



Open-channel flow measurement
CSO, SSO, l&l, cMOM, SSEs, sewer flow monitoring
Redundant level measurement in combination with ISCO 2150 (or other devices)
Flow measurement in streams containing suspended solids, grease or harsh chemicals

Standard Features

  • Zero deadband in level measurement
  • Chemically resistant sensor package(PVDF)
  • Condensation-resistant sensor deflector plate
  • Digital comms. between sensor and module make 2110 immune to RF interference.
  • Stacks with other 2110 modules to create applications-specific solutions.
  • Software Features:
    – 38.4k baud communications for speedy setup and data retrieval.
    – Variable data storage rates can be set to change automatically when conditions change.
    – Easily downloadable upgrades that don’t affect stored data.
    – Records input voltage information to let the operator know when to change batteries.
    – Secure data storage with flash memory. Data will not be lost during power outages.