Collecting, processing, storing and transmitting of monitoring data – easy, convenient and quick. The MRL-7 is a battery run data, modem supported logger with splash-proof housing, USB data read-out functions and integrated solar charge controller. The very energy efficient operating mode as well as a weatherproof box qualifies the MRL-7 for data applications in remote areas far from any infrastructure.



  • Weatherproof logger with integrated remote data transmission using 2G / 3G / 4G modem
  • Reliable and energy-saving: optimised to collect environmental monitoring data in remote areas without any infrastructure
  • Logger can be operated fully independently (with batteries or solar module), integrated solar charge controller, protection IP 67
  • Ideal integration and compatibility with complete SOMMER sensor family as well as popular sensor technology products
  • Backlit display for easy data reading and logger parameterisation
  • Parameterisation via RS-232 and Bluetooth
  • Data readout with USB memory stick or Bluetooth-interface
  • Minimum energy demand; integrated solar charge controller
  • Solid, compact, and weatherproof aluminium box (powder coated)



  • Dimensions MRL-7: 180 x 150 x 60 mm | MRL-7B (with integrated battery): 180 x 150 x 60 mm (W x H x D)
  • Housing aluminium box, powder coated
  • Protection IP 67
  • Power supply
    • internal battery (MRL-7B): gel battery, 12 V 4 Ah
    • external battery: max 12 V / 50 Ah
    • external power supply: 6 … 30 V DC
    • integrated solar charge controller for solar panel with max 40 W / 12 V
  • Sensor supply 5 /100 mA or 12 V / 200 mA
  • Reference voltage 2.5 V for potentiometer (max. 4 mA)
  • Display LCD unit with digital contrast setting, 2 x 16 characters; LED background illumination with splash water proof cover and extended temperature range
  • Keypad 5 keys for reading current measurement values and observer confirmations/inputs
  • Number of channels up to 99
  • Memory (internal) 4 MB failure-resistant flash memory (equivalent to approx. 500,000 measurement values)
  • Operating temperature -35 °C … +60 °C (storage temperature: -35 °C … +60 °C)
  • Installation easy installation; attaching to walls without extra housing
  • Functions date values, intensity, maximum, aggregate values, mean values etc.
  • Deep discharge protection for logger and for MRL-7 supplied sensors