Wireless TROLL Com

The Wireless TROLL Com provides wireless communication between a cabled, deployed Aqua TROLL or Level TROLL instrument and a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device using the VuSitu mobile app. It can be used as a replacement for a standard wired TROLL Communication Device to allow data transfer between an instrument and VuSitu (or Win-Situ 5 via a USB cable).

Bluetooth technology and an internal rechargeable battery provide 40-50 hours of continuous field use. And a twist-lock connector and built-in barometric and air temperature sensors deliver reliable results.


The Wireless TROLL COM enables every instrument to be a connected instrument by providing wireless communication to Android and iPhones. In-Situ’s industry-leading app designed around ease of use provides a fully-featured set of functionality. Download the free VuSitu app and bring your water quality monitoring equipment into the modern world.