M3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The ModMAG® M3000 Electromagnetic flow meter is virtually unaffected by density, temperature, pressure and viscosity changes, making it an accurate and reliable long-term metering solution.

Size Range 6…600 mm
Temperature Range Up to 120 °C
Power Supply 85…240V AC | 24V DC
Flow Range 0.03…12 m/s
Accuracy ±0.20%



The innovative design of the Badger Meter® ModMAG® M3000 meter represents the next generation of electromagnetic flow meter technology. Incorporating the latest developments in micro processing signal conditioning the advanced design of the M3000 meter allows an accuracy ± 0.20% with a flow range of 300:1. Targeted to a variety of oil and gas, industrial and municipal applications, the M3000 meter is virtually unaffected by density, temperature, pressure, and viscosity changes and provides an accurate and reliable long term metering solution. This meter complies with ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Annex G.


• Sizes 1/4…24 in. (6…600 mm)
• Accuracy of ± 0.20%
• Better than 0.1% repeatability
• Large 4-line by 16-character, back-lit, LCD display
• Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based
• Bi-directional flow sensing and totalization
• Automatic zero point stability
• Measures fluids with as low as 5.0 micromhos/cm conductivity
• Empty pipe detection
• No pressure loss for low operational costs
• Long life, corrosion-resistant liners
• Precise calibration
• NEMA 4X/6P (IP66/IP67) enclosure
• FM approved for Class I, Div 2 hazardous locations
• CE and FCC compliant
• CSA Certified


The M3000 meter is suited for use in applications where indication of rate and totalization is required. The ability to display flow parameters locally at the flow meter, or remotely by mounting the amplifier up to 100 feet away from the detector, provides a versatile solution for most industrial and municipal flow applications. Whether the fluid is water or something highly corrosive, very viscous, contains a moderate amount of solids, or requires special handling, the meter is able to accurately measure it. Housed in a Class 1, Division 2, NEMA 4X/6P (IP66/IP67) enclosure, the M3000 design has been tested and approved by Factory Mutual (FM) in the United States and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA international) in Canada.