M-Node Smart Sensors

ATi’s smart, ultra-low-powered, modular M-Node sensors, utilised within our MetriNet and SiteBox solutions, were designed to generate specialist data insights, offering accurate, reliable and continuous data for real-time analysis.

Our pioneering, smart, digital M-Nodes are complete, ultra low-powered, digital water quality sensors that can run autonomously for years at a time on small batteries. Creating a neural network of M-Node sensors delivers true network digitalisation. Designed to minimise water usage and under certain conditions, operate with zero water wastage, M-Nodes can be part of a sustainable, smart water quality monitoring solution.


Available in 16 parameters:

Free Chlorine | Combined Chlorine | Total Chlorine | Chlorine Dioxide | Conductivity | 4E Conductivity | Dissolved Oxygen | Dissolved Ozone | Fluoride | Hydrogen Peroxide | Nitrite | ORP | Peracetic Acid | pH | Pressure | Turbidity


  • Mains Conditioning
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Resilience
  • Chlorine Decay Modelling
  • Flow Reversal
  • Leakage
  • Flushing
  • Legionella
  • HVAC
  • Renal Dialysis
  • plus many more


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