Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

Improve performance & reduce maintenance costs

Dissolved Oxygen water quality monitoring is critical for aeration system process control. Optimization of the biological process, whether it’s removal of organic material, nitrification, or nitrification/denitrification, depends on maintaining proper D.O. levels. Controlling air flow to within the optimal range eliminates excess aeration, which translates into significant energy savings.


Features & specification

  • Optical or galvanic membraned sensor options
  • Auto-Clean ‘Air Blast’ sensor cleaning system available
  • Automatic calibration check
  • AC or DC Power Options
  • 3 Analog Output Option
  • PID Output
  • Profibus-DP, Modus-RTU or Ethernet-IP Digital Communications Available
  • 6 Relay contact options
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Large, back-lit LCD display


  • Biological processes in wastewater treatment plants
  • Better results with fine bubble aeration, coarse bubble aeration, surface aeration or brush aerators
  • Ideal for control applications where reliable performance is required 365 days a year


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