Direct Fluoride Monitor

Continuous, accurate & reliable Fluoride monitoring

Many drinking water systems add fluoride to their water to help their residents prevent tooth decay. To achieve a fluoride concentration of about 1 PPM, a hydro-fluorosilicic acid or sodium fluoride solution is metered into the process at a rate that is proportional to total plant flow. However, flow control problems may result in a loss of chemical feed or over-feed condition. An on-line fluoride monitor can provide reliable control of chemical addition for a consistent fluoride concentration.


Features & specification

  • Easy to install
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Can be supplied with the fluoride monitoring system factory mounted on a panel containing all necessary flow controls and a visual flow indicator


  • Reliable control of chemical addition for a consistent fluoride concentration
  • Continuous measurement of free fluoride concentration in potable water without sample conditioning
  • For use where pH and conductivity of the water are relatively stable


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