The chlori::lyser is a revolutionary pH- and flow-independent sensor for monitoring free chlorine or total chlorine. Its internal buffer electrolyte allows pH-independent measurement between pH 4 to 10+, and its 3-electrode system provides extremely stable readings. High precision is ensured even at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow.


Chlori::lyser™ monitors free chlorine (Cl2 + HOCl + OCl-) or total chlorine (free chlorine + combined chlorine)

  • s::can plug & measure
  • measuring principle: amperometric (membrane covered)
  • ideal for drinking water
  • long term stable and lowest maintenance in operation
  • replacement of membrane only once a year
  • readings stable at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow
  • compensates fluctuations of pH in an unmatched way
  • pH range from 4 to 10 FCl
  • pH range from 4 to 12 TCl
  • low cross sensitivity to many surfactants
  • cross sensitivities to chlorine dioxide, ozone can be compensated by using readings from spectro::lyser™
  • factory zero point precalibrated
  • mounting and measurement in flow cell
  • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software


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