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We are a leading company in automation, We provide specific solutions for every customer.

In addition, our customers have an advantage in associating with Aaxis Nano Technologies Pvt. Ltd. because they obtain SINGLE WINDOW solutions for their all Automation needs, i.e., under one roof, they are served for PLC, DCS, Instrumentation, AC, DC Drive, MCC and PCC solution with INTEGRATED ENGINEERING, Manufacturing, E&C services, AMC, CAMC & Spare parts support.

Hardware and Software are sourced from global OEM whereas Design Engineering is done according to International/Indian standards using an automated Engineering tool

Our Products


PLC Control Panels we manufacture are highly capable of giving higher output at less power consumption.


The signal is given by the control panel. Indicators for the motor operation also will be present in control panel.


Perfect Products (India) is widely known for premium quality PCC panels designed according to the customer specifications.


It can lead to situations where the installation can have a low power factor leading to higher demand charges and levy of power factor penalties.


Our expert technicians and engineers who perform cable preparation, jointing, termination, testing, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.


SCADA is a centralized system that monitors and controls the entire area. This supervisory system gathers data on the process and sends the command control to the process.


IMCC (Intelligent Motor Control Center) Panel represents the flexible and modular management system for motors in the low Voltage range which can be easily and directly connected to the automation/scada system.


DG synchronizing panel controls the functionality of a number of diesel generator sets. In Industries, more than one DG sets have to be used in parallel to share the total load on the system.

ACDB Panel

ACDB has been used for controls the AC power from PCU including necessary surge protection devices (SPD), AC fuse, and MCB to protect the appliances from any type of electrical damage or high voltages.

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