SEIBOLD develops and produces online analysers for more than 15 years. The new introduced series COMPOSER for Heavy Metals were developed and designed new in all aspects.

Aluminium Analyser

COMPOSER Franz von Suppe - SEIBOLD Online-Analyser for Aluminium Natural sources. Aluminum (Al) is the most abundant metallic element in ...

Arsenic Analyser

COMPOSER Wilhelm Kienzl - SEIBOLD Online-Analyser for Arsenic Arsenic is found in the atmosphere, in water, soils, sediments and organisms ...

Cadmium Analyser

COMPOSER Carl Zeller - SEIBOLD Online-Analyser for Cadmium Cadmium compounds belong to the most hazardous pollutants in the environment. Industry ...

Chromium Analyser

COMPOSER Heinrich Proch - SEIBOLD Online-Analyser for Chromium Natural sources. Chromium is widely distributed in the Earth’s crust. It can

Cobalt Analyser

COMPOSER Gustav Mahler - SEIBOLD Online-Analyser for Cobalt Natural sources. Natural sources of cobalt in the environment are soil, dust, ...

Copper Analyser

COMPOSER Johann H. Schmelzer - SEIBOLD Online-Analyser for Copper Copper is both an essential nutrient and a drinking-water contaminant Natural ...

Iron Analyser

COMPOSER Joseph von Eybler - SEIBOLD Online-Analyser for Iron Natural sources. Iron is one of the most abundant metals in ...

Zinc Analyser

COMPOSER Johann G. Albrechtsberger - SEIBOLD Online - Analyser for Zinc Zinc is an essential trace element found in virtually ...