ISL-200 is a tunable laser gas analyzer based on TDLAS technology, which can analyze gases in-situ in various complex conditions. It consists of a transmitter, receiver and connection box. The transmitter drives the tunable diode to emit laser of certain wavelengths, which passes through the stack or process to be measured, then reaches the receiver.  The receiver performs photoelectricity conversion, signal processing, and spectrum data analysis to obtain accurate measurements.  The connection box contains an I/O interface, power cable and signal cable.  The laser gas analyzer is suitable for hazardous and general purpose areas

• Small drift, long maintenance interval drift ≤±1%F.S./half year
• Single line spectrum technology, free from interference of background gas
• Integrated explosion-proof structure with no need for positive-pressure purge
• In-situ measurement without sampling system avoids absorption, blockage, and damage, reducing cost