The Aquaculture Pond Buoy allows easy remote monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels and temperature in aquaculture pond raceways. The solar-powered buoy has an easy-to-use optical RDO Titan probe for 24-hour dissolved oxygen monitoring, plus a transceiver that transmits data wirelessly, right to your laptop or PC.


  • Rugged optical dissolved oxygen probe
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Solar panel and battery
  • Automated self-cleaning system
  • Automatic alarms via text message or email
  • Custom programming for your site’s needs


  • Save time, money, and labor — Reduces spot-checking rounds, automates aerator control and eliminates calibration for an entire season.
  • Mitigate risks — Automated real-time alerts reduce the risk of fish kills.
  • Increase yields – Real-time oxygen monitoring lets you optimize feed ratios while minimizing fish stress, disease and mortality.