The AND1100 Fluorimeter enables field testing to be done in two steps in less than two minutes, eliminating or significantly reducing test expenditures, complexity and wait times experienced in traditional heavy metals water testing. It is a breakthrough in streamlining the water analysis and reporting processes and it is powered by DNA.
The AND1100 Fluorimeter is a platform centric hand-held device for heavy metals testing for drinking water and industrial water supplies. It uses an extremely sensitive measurement technique to determine the toxicity levels of heavy metal contamination.


  • Simple, one button push for on-site, detection and analysis of heavy metals in water
  • No specialized user training
  • Less than 2 minutes to test result (from sample to result)
  • Highly sensitive and selective
  • Test results can be downloaded via USB connection to a computer
  • Capability to re-sample quickly
  • Reduces time to begin remediation action
  • No harmful reagents, environmentally friendly


ANDalyze metal test kits are designed for use out of the box for testing of Drinking Water; however they can be used for Environmental Water analysis with some minor protocol modifications. Tests have been performed in the following water matricies:

  • Surface Water (rivers, lakes, ponds)
  • Ground Water (wells, aquifers)
  • Hard or Very Hard Water (multiple sources)
  • Treated Wastewater (municipal & metal finisher) – Finished or treated and diluted tenfold
  • Seawater (from the surface, not the sediment/water column interface)

ANDalyze Dilution Kit

  • (25) 50 mL Self-standing sample tube
  • (25) 5 mL Syringe
  • (1-Liter) Reagent grade water

ANDalyze pH Adjustment Kit

    • Sodium Hydroxide Neutralization Solution, 1% (w/v) sodium hydroxide in a dropper bottle
    • Nitric Acid Neutralization Solution, 1.5% (w/v) nitric acid in a dropper bottle
    • pH paper

ANDalyze Filtration Kit
    • (25) 0.45µm Nylon filter, 25 mm diameter (Nalgene)
    • (25) 20 mL Syringe
    • (25) 50 mL Self-standing sample tube

Download ANDalyze Brochure